A Decentralized Blockchain Protocol
for all your Defi needs

A Decentralized Blockchain Protocol for all your Defi needs

White Paper

Highly Secure

Easily exchange between your assets without giving control of your funds to anyone.


Instant operations with seamless user experience and low transactions fees.


One stop solution to save time & money. Switch and Swap between various chains in one place.

The Rigel Protocol will be built on both Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain. Fast, convenient and secure. The Rigel Protocol will allow users to have full control of their funds while using any of the platform products. Smart Swapping, Yield Farming, Margin Trade, and many more. Cross chain operations guarantee low transaction fees without the need to leave funds on custody to third parties or go through KYC process.


Smart Swapping, Yield Farming and Cross Chain

Direct cross chain swapping without order books, deposits or coin wrapping. High Yield Annual Interest for RGP token holders and Liquidity Providers.

Margin Trading

Boost your trading profits with increased leverage.